Key Features

Easy Campaign Creation

Create email campaigns instantly. Use the same email layout on multiple campaigns.

Schedule Email Delivery

Schedule your campaign to be delivered immediately, in the future or repeatedly (Ex: Every Friday, Every Month).

Import email addresses

Import your contacts, email addresses with a few mouse clicks via copy&paste, file upload or direct MySQL connection.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Create unlimited amount of custom fields for each list you have, store any kind of subscriber information. Use these custom fields for personalizing your emails or segmenting your lists.

Unlimited subscriber lists

Create unlimited subscriber lists. Each subscriber list will have its own settings, auto responders, subscribers, custom fields, etc.

Track Email Opens

See how many of your recipients have opened your emails, when and how many times.

Track Link Clicks

Learn which links are clicked more, by who and how many times.

Advanced Personalization

Personalize your email contents with subscriber information, fetch contents from URLs or perform conditional personalization based on subscriber information

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